Patent Prosecution

Biotech InvestingWe assist both large and small companies with patent preparation and prosecution related to biotechnology, pharmaceutical and chemical inventions.

Technology Agreements

Biotech Investing

Contractual agreements in the biotechnology, chemical and pharmaceutical fields draw on knowledge of multiple areas of the law (e.g., intellectual property, regulatory and commercial law), experience in the industry and a capacity to understand complex technologies. With our experience in each of these areas, we can assist clients in preparing and negotiating, as well as developing strategies, with respect to various commercial agreements directed to, e.g., research and development, supply of materials and reagents, distribution of products, feasibility assessments of technologies, intellectual property licensing and strategic partnerships.

Legal Counseling for Emerging Companies

Biotech Investing

We provide start-ups with legal counsel that is highly sophisticated as well as practical, business-minded and cost-effective. After representing large multinational companies, venture capitalists and start-ups for several years as a partner at a large national law firm, we have started our own law firm in order to offer this high level of legal services to emerging companies with fee-structures that are compatible with the requirements of emerging companies.